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如何找資源Libguides: Books

How to find a book









Cannot find a book?

1. If the system shows the book to be in the library, but not found on the shelves, fill out the online book retrieval form in our circulation desk on 1F to have the librarian find it for you.

2. If the system shows that the book is on loan, reserve it online to have priority for borrowing after it is returned.

3. If the book is not in the collection, refer to the interlibrary loan service - Document Delivery and Interlibrary Card to borrow it from other libraries.

(1)Querying off-campus collections: For books not found or on loan, query its whereabouts with the National Biographic Information Network. Visit the NBINet now.

(2)Non-NCHU library card: Want to borrow books from another university? No problem! Academic institutions and libraries collaborate to jointly provide services. Please bring your student or faculty ID to the circulation desk on the first floor of the Library to proceed. Check list of Cooperation Libraries.

(3)Applying for the interlibrary loan: Online systems like NDDS or RapidILL has books or full-text copies from other libraries by paying an access fee.


Other Suggested Collections

  • WorldCat:The world's largest library catalogue, where you can search from the collections of over 10 thousand libraries and access 1.5 billion records in various languages.

  • Google Book:A book search service provided by Google, Inc., Google Books has materials from over 100 countries, provided by10, 000 publishers and authors. If you're lucky, you might find books with free full-text access!