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如何找資源Libguides: 圖書資料 Books

找圖書資料 Find Books

一、 找本校館藏



 若資料類型為電子書 ,輸入讀者帳號(學號或服務編號)及密碼(預設身分證末四碼加生日末四碼)登入後,在線上閱讀或下載全文。


二、 找校外館藏

  •    申請館際合作: 申請館際互借/複印服務,向其它合作館申請借閱或複印取得全文; 使用全國文獻傳遞服務系統(NDDS)申請文獻借閱複印時,第一次需先申請帳號密碼 ,再利用帳號密碼於線上申請文獻傳遞。

三、 其他推薦的圖書目錄

  •     WorldCat:  全世界最大的圖書目錄,可查詢1萬多個合作館的館藏資料,15億筆紀錄,多國語言資料。
  •     Google圖書:  為Google的「圖書搜尋夥伴計劃」,有來自 100 個以上國家,超過 10,000 家的出版者和作者參與其中。運氣好時可以找到免費的全文喔!

四、 更多查找工具


Finding Books

1. Searching the Library Collections

You can use the Library WebPAC or the Discovery and Delivery System to quickly find the print or digital media you need.

Use book titles, authors, keywords, topics, and classification numbers to search the Library WebPAC or the Discovery and Delivery System. The results will show the condition of the material(s) as available, circulating/non-circulating, or unavailable. If a book is listed as both available and non-circulating, you can use its call number to find it on the shelves.

If the material you found is an e-book, you can read it online or download a copy through your library account. To do so, first log in with your account number (school ID number or staff account number) and password (the last 4 digits of your personal ID and the last 4 digits of your birthday).

Library Use Policy:

2. Searching Off-Campus Collections

  • Searching Off-Campus Collections: If the materials you are searching for cannot be found in the university library collections or have been checked out, you can use national union catalogues to find which universities have what you need. For example: National Bibliographic Information Network (NBINet), REsearch ALl in one (REAL+).
  • Applying for Interlibrary Cooperation: You can apply for interlibrary loans/copying services from cooperating libraries. When using the Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS) for the first time, you must apply for an account password, and then use the account to apply online for document delivery service.

3. Other Suggested Collections

  • ŸWorldCat:  The world’s largest library catalogue, where you can search from the collections of over 10 thousand libraries and access 1.5 billion records in various languages.
  • ŸGoogle Books: A book search service provided by Google, Inc., Google Books has materials from over 100 countries, provided by10, 000 publishers and authors. If you’re lucky, you might find books with free full-text access!

4. More Search Tools…

You can refer "Book Catalog-Domestic" and "Book Catalog-Oversea" to find more free online search tools.