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博碩士論文相關網站 Finding Dissertations and Theses: 學位論文 Dissertations

Provides information on how to locate dissertations and theses.


本網站集結了館藏中西文博碩論文資料庫,另亦連結國內外大學論文系統,便利於查詢國內外及網站論文,歡迎多多使用 。

Below are links to the NCHU Library's collection of Chinese and Western theses, as well as links to national and international university theses databases.

找學位論文 Dissertation




  • 學位論文大多數出版品不公開,多保存在該作者畢業的大學圖書館及國家圖書館中。
  • 各校博碩士論文的全文仍以向各大學圖書館借閱或以館際合作申請複印為主。
  • 部分學校資料庫系統廠商提供電子學位論文免費或付費下載

     ()  查找本校館藏 



    (一)  可親自至國家圖書館或研究生畢業學校查閱。

    (二)  透過「全國文獻傳遞服務系統」申請借閱或複印。

    (三)  借閱:部分學校之論文複本可提供借閱,請先透過該校館藏目錄查詢是否提供外借。

    (四)  複印:若作者同意整本重製則可複印整本論文。如僅同意部分重製就僅可複印部份論文。



Finding Theses/Dissertations

1. Importance of Dissertations

Dissertations and theses submitted to graduate institutes are important research assets. The papers provide an abundance of relevant information, and reveal the developing situations and trends of academic fields. Moreover, they provide in-depth research and analyses on specific and/or specialized topics.

2. Finding Dissertations and Theses

Many are stored in the libraries of the writers’ alma maters and/or the National Library. For full-text access, you must apply for interlibrary loans from university libraries or use other forms of interlibrary services.

     (1)  Searching school collections

3. What Can You Do if the Library Can’t Obtain the Thesis You Need?

(1) You can go to the National Library or the relevant universities to request a thesis or dissertation in person.

(2) Another option is to request lending or copying services through the “Nationwide Document Delivery System”. You must apply for an account to do so.

(3)Lending Services:Some universities have copies of theses available for lending; check their library catalogues to see if off-campus loans are permitted.

(4) Copying Services:Depending on the writer’s consent, you may either make a partial or full copy of the thesis for reference purposes.