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創新產業經營管理學士學程學科指引 Bachelor Porgram of Innovative Industry Management: 標準資料 Standards

找標準資料 Find Standard Data




  可利用中華民國國家標準(CNS)查詢相關標準名稱。本校師生可經由本館電子資料庫介面>連結中華民國國家標準(CNS),查詢及下載標準全文。同時上網人數為7人。資料庫使用帳號:c00n23s7  密碼:c00n23s7。



     (一)  紙本館藏:可使用本館館藏目錄,以「標準」名作為書刊名關鍵字檢索,即可查詢到本館是否有典藏相關標準資料。

     (二)  電子資料庫:本館購有以下標準電子資料庫,本校師生可經由本館電子資料庫介面>連結該資料庫,即可免費查詢及下載標準全文。

        ●  ASTM Standards (American Society for Testing and Materials):

        美國材料測試學會是國際性標準制定組織,制定材料、產品等標準。收錄通過之標準索摘 / 全文,主題含括金屬、石油、核能和服務等相關標準文件。

        ●  IEEE Standards ( IEEE Xplore 資料庫Standards):



     (一)   洽特定單位購買

      向經濟部標準檢驗局資料中心購買,其與六個國外標準組織(AS、ASTM、BSI、DIN、ISO、UL) 簽訂授權影印協議,民眾只需支付權利金,即可合法影印全份標準資料。

      申請程序:授權影印服務  外國標標準授權影印作業流程圖


      利用外國標準館藏目錄查詢系統查詢是否有授權影印,查詢步驟:點選標準書目資料查詢 / 鍵入標準號碼及選取標準組織 / 按開始搜尋鍵 / 點選標準號碼。再填寫外國標準授權影印申請表,傳送至:FAX:(022343-1986、(023343-5173、電子信箱: 或電洽(022343-1979 / 2343-1980,服務人員會回傳報價單。



    (二)  EV2資料庫的 IHS Standards Store :使用EV2的 IHS Standards  國外標準免費檢索平台,可查詢相關標準編號及名稱;亦提供線上購買標準全文服務。

    (三)  標準制定機構購買:可參考「常用標準組織網站」連結至相關標準制定機構官網。 

How to Find Standard Data

1.  Definition

Standard is a technical specification. It is formulated and approved by governmental institution, providing the documents of the common and reusing products or their related rules of the service procedure. By using the standard data, it can simplify the production, reduce the cost, and improve the consistency and reliability of the product.

2.  Domestic Standard

      Chinese National Standard

People can use CNS to search related standard names. Teachers and students in our school can enter the interface of electronic database to connect CNS, then searching and downloading the standard full-text. It can serve seven people at the same time.

Account number: c00n23s7    Code: c00n23s7

3.  Foreign Standard

      Our school collections

     (1)  Paper collections: you can use school collections and type “standard” as the keyword to search. Then, you can know whether our library has related standard data or not.  

     (2)  Our library has bought some electronic databases as follows. Teachers and students in our school can enter the interface of electronic databases to connect them. Then they can search and download the full-text gratuitously

ASTM Standards  (American Society for Testing and Materials):

ASTM is an international organization of standard formulation. It formulates the standards of materials and products. It collects the index and the full-text of the passing standard. Its topics include metals, petroleum, nuclear power, service, etc.

● IEEE Standards

IEEE standard association is an international institution of standard formulation. It covers many spheres, such as information technology, communication, electricity, source power, etc.

4.  How to Get Data that Our Library Do not Have?

     (1)  Buy from Specific Units

You can buy the data from Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI). It has signed the authorized agreement with six foreign standard organizations (AS、ASTM、BSI、DIN、ISO、UL). The public only have to pay the royalties, and then they can photocopy the full-text data legally.

      Application Procedure:  Authorize Photocopying Service  Application Flowchart

      1. Apply and quote

You can use the website of BSMI to check whether it has authorized or not. The search process: (1) click the standard bibliography to search (2) key in the standard number and choose the standard organization (3) click the search button (4) choose the standard number. Then fill in this application and send to: Fax: (02) 2343-1986(02) 3343-5173email: or call (02)2343-1979 / 2343-1980, the attendant will return the quotation to you.

       2. Pay and pick up

       Please refer the illustration of BSMI.

     (2)  Consult IHS Standards Store of EV2 database: You may use the foreign free searching interface - IHS Standards Store. It not only can search numbers and titles of related standards, but also provides the full-text service of online shopping.

     (3)  Contact with standard institution:You may refer Common Standard Organizations to connect other official websites.