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應用數學系 Department of Applied Math: 97至99學年度畢業論文

Department of Applied Math



中文姓名 中文論文名稱 英文論文名稱 畢業學年度
張嘉哲 超音波封裝對薄膜結構的影響 The effect of ultrasonic packaging on thin film structures 99
黃宣瑜 基於形態動態之三維胸腔電腦斷層影像肺血管腫瘤偵測演算法 Nodules Detection in Pulmonary Vessels on 3D Thoracic CT Images: A Morphological Dynamics Approach 99
黃婉庭 CUDA和OpenCL兩種平行處理環境應用在光流法計算的比較 Comparison study between CUDA and OpenCL on the computation of optical flow 99
李元志 風險告知評估應用於核能電廠十年檢測及測試計畫 The Studies on Risk-informed evaluations for Inservice Inspection and Inservice Testing of Nuclear Power Plant 99
陳卉姍 遊戲融入數學教學對國二學生
The Effects of the Games Integrated into the Mathematical Teaching on the Eighth Graders' Learning Attitude and Grades - A Case Study of a Junior High School in Nantou County 99
許皓程 國際化程度對台灣上市公司經營績效之影響—縱橫門檻迴歸分析 The Effect of Internationalization on the Operational Performance of Taiwan-Listed Companies: A Panel Threshold Regression Analysis 99
許勝富 Monge-Ampère型方程古典解的存在性  On The Existence of Classical Solutions of Monge-Ampère Type Equations 99
朱柏宇 教師魅力對國中學生數學焦慮與數學信心之影響 The Influence of Teachers’Charisma on Junior High School Students'Mathematics Anxiety and Mathematics Confidence 99
常善評 光流演算法與Opencl在互動式教學軟體設計上之應用 The Application of Optical Flow and OpenCL in the Design of Interactive Learning Software 99
林旺聖 建立雲端軟體即服務之研究 A Software as a Service - A proposal of building it 99
蘇己盛 虛擬叢集部署與管理系統 - 以 KMLN 為例 Virtual Cluster Deployment and Management System - Using KMLN as an Example 99
梁育誠 數學低成就學生實施補救教學困境之研究-以台中市某國中攜手計畫為例 A Study of Difficulties in Implementing Remedial Instruction of Mathematics on Mathematical Low-Achievement Students: A Focus on After School Alternative Program in a Junior High School in Taichung 99
山澤棻 Lagrange,Divided Difference 多項式與 B-spline 函數及其應用 Lagrange,Divided Difference Polynomials and B-spline Functions and Their Applications 99
李耀福 雲端運算使用者人數之估算—以Linux套件映射服務為例 The Estimation of Number of Users in Cloud Computing
--- Using Linux Mirror Service as an Example
劉姿杏 含有一般修理時間和轉換失敗備用元件系統效能的統計推論及貝氏方法 Statistical Inference and Bayesian Approach on Standby Systems with General Repair and Switching Failure 99
王俊雄 以逆算法預測細長圓柱之時變熱源 Application of the inverse method to estimate the time-varying heat sources on infinite cylinders. 99
楊惠君 以反算法預測平板之時變熱邊界 Prediction of transient thermal boundary condition of a plate using the inverse method 99
曾慧怡 運用Savitzky-Gollay濾波法探討平板之未知熱源 Study of the unknown strength of a plane heat source using Savitzky-Gollay digital filter 99
吳錞婷 估計特定物種佔據率之模擬研究 A simulation study on estimating occupancy rate 99
林慧穎 不同學習成就的高職學生在「問題導向學習」教學下之研究 The Research about Students of Different Academic Achievement in「PBL」in Senior High Vocational School 99
蔡至清 高寬比對雙板驅動空穴流場影響之進階研究 Advanced Study in the Effects of Aspect Ratio on Two-Sided Lid-Driven Cavity Flow 99
藍俊庭 無元素 Galerkin (EFG) 法及 MPI 平行處理程序應用於結構上的分析 The Parallel Processing of the Element-Free Galerkin method using MPI in Structural Analysis 99
王姵晴 考慮多層次物種分類下的多樣性指標之模擬研究 A simulation study on diversity indices accounting for taxonomic relatedness 99
林祐蓁 用延續法與 Galerkin 有限單元法解旋轉-玻色愛因斯坦凝聚 The Continuation Algorithm with Galerkin Finite Element Method for Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensates 99
陳宣佑 截切多變量t分佈的動差與切片抽樣 On Moments and Slice Sampling for Truncated Multivariate t Distributions 99
廖羿雲 高職進修學校學生數學學習動機之研究-以中部某國立高職附設進修學校為例 A Study on Learning Motivation in Mathematics of Students in Division of Continuing Education of Vocational School 99
焦郁華 偏微分方程與自適區塊截斷編碼結合用於影像去雜訊與壓縮 Mixed PDE Based Methods with Adaptive Block Truncation Coding for Image De-noising and Compression 99
黃翊彰 國中基本學力測驗成績預測建模研究
Predictive modeling for Scores on the Basic Competence Test - A Case Study of a Junior High School in Changhua County 99
廖士綱 在離散週期介質之波傳遞失效 Propagation failure in discrete periodic media 99
莊佶達 應用BP類神經網路最佳參數模式於高中高職學力測驗成績之預測
Application of BP neural network optimal parameters model to prediction high school proficiency test for a case study of a junior high school in Taichung city 99
楊受恩 高職學習障礙學生數學後設認知策略解題能力建構歷程及其對學習成就與學習態度影響之探討 A Study of the Capacity Building Process of
Metacognitive Problem-solving Strategies Employed by
Senior Vocational High School Students with
Learning Disabilities and the Influences of the Process on
Their Learning Achievements and Learning Attitude
蔡明祥 合作學習對高職學生學習成就與學習動機之影響 The Impact of Cooperative Learning on Senior Vocational High School
Students’Learning Achievements and Motivation
李育叡 應用倒傳遞類神經網路於台灣50指數預測之最佳化模式分析 Application of neural network prediction in Taiwan 50 Index analysis with the optimization BP model 99
曹炳雄 3-D簡化變曲率細長曲樑分析 On the behavior of 3-D simplified curved beam of variable curvatures 99
楊旻潔 合作學習對國一數學學習成效之研究 A Study on the Effect of Cooperative Learning on 7-Graders 99
劉晉宏 國中學生數學學習動機之研究 A Study on Learning Motivation in Mathematics of Junior High School Students 99
陳屏儒 具異質多變量t母體的分類法之研究  Classification  for  heterogeneous  multivariate  t  populations 99
魏國鼎 具完整與不完整資料的t因子分析模式之最大概似估計 Maximum likelihood estimation for t factor analysis
models with complete and incomplete data
廖百偉 波狀微流道中電滲透流之熱效應數值研究 A numerical study of thermal effects on electro-osmotic flow in wavy microchannels 99
陳甲樺 具遺失訊息下混合高斯分佈的精簡建模 Parsimonious Gaussian Mixture Modelling With Missing Information 99
曹榮鑑 高中學生指數與對數文字應用題解題歷程之分析研究 An Analytical Study on Solving Process of Word Problems of Exponets and Logarithms of Senior High School Students 99
張國清 以視窗架構之二階層快速演算法估計改變點位置 A Fast Two-Stage Algorithm by Window Method for Estimating the Location of Change-Points 99
張敬信 蜻蜓翅膀結構奈米機械性質量測與有限元分析 The measurements of nanomechanical properties of dragonfly wing and finite element analysis 98
吳洪毓 生物阻抗分析與類神經網路之體組成研究 Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and Neural Network in Research of Body Composition 98
何士沛 腦波信號辨識之最佳類神經網路模式分析 The Optimal Analysis of Neural Network Mathematics Model in Brain Waves Recognition 98
鍾凱聿 彈性束制樑在移動式均佈載重下之動態反應 Dynamic response of elastic constrained beam under uniformly distributed moving load 98
廖子熠 彈性束制樑在三角形移動式載重下之動態反應 Dynamic response of elastic constrained beam under triangular shaped moving load 98
張書豪 利用擬譜方法解Gross-Pitaevskii方程數值解 Spectral collocation methods for the numerical solutions of Gross-Pitaevskii equation 98
張友友 用特徵裁縫有限點法解對流佔優的擴散對流反應問題 Characteristic tailored finite point method for convection-dominated convection-diffusion-reaction problems 98
張簡聖原 利用Legendre多項式為基底的譜方法解非線性薛丁格方程。 Spectral methods using Legendre polynomials for
nonlinear Schrödinger equations.
林宣宏 利用多軌跡搜尋法調校支援向量機參數以預測雙硫鍵之鍵結型態 Disulfide Bonding Patterns Prediction Using Support Vector Machine with Parameters Tuned by Multiple Trajectory Search 98
林慧娟 雙曲線型熱傳與質傳交互作用問題探討 Investigation of couple effects on hyperbolic heat
and mass transfer
顏千智 複移動荷重之連續樑振動分析 Vibration analysis of the continuous beam with the multi-moving-loads 98
林修聖 三維變曲率微彎曲樑之挫屈分析 3-D Stability analysis of slight curved beam 98
顏康強 二維變曲率疊層板曲樑之有限變形 Finite deformation of 2-D laminated curved beams of variable curvatures 98
吳信緯 三維變曲率螺旋曲樑靜態解 Static solutions of 3-D curved helical beams of variable curvature 98
何秀榮 基於多變量偏斜t分佈之穩健的線性混合模型 Robust linear mixed models based on the multivariate skew t distribution 98
蘇允良 雙橢體函數於雷射與組織相互作用之熱傳模擬 The heat transfer anslysis of laser-tissue interaction using double ellipsoid's function   98
陳榮陞 微波電漿化學氣相沈積法製程參數對類鑽碳膜表面性質和奈米機械性質之最佳化研究 The Study on the Optimization of Surface Properties and Nanomechanical Properties of DLC Films by Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition 98
陳慧霜 利用有限差分與多層譜方法和延續法解非線性薛丁格方程式 Finite Differences and Multi-level Spectral-Galerkin and Continuation Methods for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations 98
楊仙維 基於區塊差值分佈的可回復式資訊隱藏 Reversible Data Hiding Based on Block Difference Histogram 97
 吳俊育 鑽石薄膜沉積的分子動力學模擬 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Deposition of Diamond-like Carbon Thin Films 97
張益駿 鍛鑄造廠製程改良 The study of Forged and Casting Process  97
巴黛芬 Design and analysis of the Equivalent circuit for

Electrochemical Impedance of Dye sensitized Solar cells.
Design and analysis of the Equivalent circuit for

Electrochemical Impedance of Dye sensitized Solar cells.
歐陽立基 拔靴檢定於對沖基金異常報酬之探討 A Study of Alternative Bootstrap Statistical Tests on the Abnormal Returns of Hedge Funds 97
彭覺民 對沖基金績效持續性檢定之比較─貝氏估計法 vs. 拔靴抽樣法 Comparing the Performance Persistence Tests of Hedge Funds─

the Bayesian Approach versus the Bootstrap Approach.
黃憲裕 斜角脫層之研究 On the Oblique Delaminations 97
王豪鋒 視訊影片中人臉輪廓之自動化圈選演算法 Automatic Extraction of Face Contour in Videos 97
許文哲 微渠道中電滲透流之熱傳特性分析 The analysis of thermal performance of electroosmotic flow in microchannels 97
林雨農 利用選取的顯著基因去做預測 Prediction by using selected top genes 97
李佳瑾 最佳基因個數的評估 Evaluation of the top gene number 97
陳詩嘉 含有會調整工作效率之 M/M/R 的機器修理

Cost Analysis of the M/M/R Machine Repair Problem with Multiple Working Vacations 97
張斌祺 廣泛性雙樣本療效檢定 A General Two-Sample Test for Treatment Effect 97
楊志弘 主動輪廓模型之拓撲研究與數值分析 Topology Study and Numerical Analysis of Active Contour models 97
顏益昭 以階層線性模式分析國民中學教師兼任行政工作對工作滿意度的影響因素之研究 A Study on the Satisfaction with Work towards the Junior High School Teachers Who Hold a Concurrent Post about Administrative Management-Hierarchical Linear Model (HLM) Approach 97
劉郁青 含有可變動服務者及阻礙概念之機器修理問題 Machine repair problem with variable servers considering balking concept 97
袁子倫 外推式的種類數估計:以森林資料當實証 Species richness estimation via extrapolation : an empirical study of forest communities 97
賴維平 利用快速演算法估計多變量資料之改變點位置 A Fast Algorithm to Estimate the Change-point Position with

Multivariable Data
羅璟義 利用權重式共同向量法於中字彙之特定語者中文單音辨識 Using the Method of Weighted Common Vector  to Recognize Isolated Mandarin Word for Speaker-Dependent System 97
張家鑫 樣本下之種類數估計 Estimating the number of species with small sample size 97
詹景惠 利用廣義柯西不等式估計物種數 Application of a generalized Cauchy-Schwarz

inequality to species richness estimation
劉孟瑋 在<0,Q,N,M>-方策下之可控制M/M/2機器修理問題 A Controllable M/M/2 Machine Repair Problem Operating under the triadic (0,Q,N,M) Policy 97
李蕙珺 利用權重式第K位最鄰近方法於中字彙之特定語者中文單音辨識 Using the Method of Weighted K-NN to Recognize Isolated Word for Speaker-Dependent System 97
陳首鳴 利用權重式Multiple Common Vector於中字彙之特定語者中文單音辨識 Using the Method of Weighted Multiple Common Vector to Recognize Isolated Mandarin Word for Speaker Dependent System 97
吳佩儒 以由常微分方程式導出的狀態空間模型從時間序列基因表現資料對基因調控網路的推論 Genetic regulatory networks inferences from time series gene expression data with state-space models based on ordinary differential equations 97
籃元隆 利用權重式多重KNN法於中字彙之特定語者中文單音辨識 Using the Method of Weighted multiple-KNN to Recognize Isolated Mandarin Word for Speaker-Dependent System 97
林明翰 沿平面方向與垂直平面方向之變曲率曲樑之有限變形與穩定分析 In plane finite deformation and out of plane stability of curved beams with variable curvatures 97
蔡佩珊 利用裁縫有限點法來解擴散對流反應問題 A Tailored Finite Point Method for Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Problems 97
盧俊豪 空間的尺度分析 (I) Dimensional Analysis in Mathematics (I) 97
林千資 利用延續演算法處理GPE方程之對稱性破壞解 Continuation algorithms for symmetry-breaking solutions of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation 97
白佶弘 可調整的多重網格-延續法處理在週期性位能下的玻色-愛因斯坦凝聚態問題。 Adaptive multigrid-continuation methods for Bose-Einestein condensates in a periodic potential. 97
王信舜 利用階梯式多重網格延續法處理具週期位能的Gross-Pitaevskii方程 A staircase multigrid-continuation algorithm for computing energy levels of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation in a periodic potential 97
方瓊菀 摻雜鋁、銻之氧化鋅奈米結構成長與特性分析 Growth and characterization of aluminum、antimony doped ZnO nanostructures 97
王允廷 雙壁鋸齒型奈米碳管的力學性質模擬 Simulation of Mechanical Properties of Double-Zizag Wall Carbon Nano Tubes 97
陳怡華 通訊網路上身份認證與數位簽章技術之研究 The Study of Authentication and Digital Signature Schemes on Communication Networks 97
簡翔豐 多個對數常態分配平均數的推論 Inferences on the means of several lognormal distributions 97