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如何找資源Libguides: 研究報告 Research Reports

找研究報告 Find Research Reports




   查詢時,應以「計畫名稱」當作「書刊名」檢索。 但如屬於較難蒐集的灰色文獻資料,建議可多利用本館購置的電子資料庫或各國的研究報告服務系統,較易檢索到相關資料。


   (一) 本館館藏目錄研究報告〈研究計畫〉technical report等檢索詞查詢「書刊名」或「叢書名」欄位。

   (二) 臺經院產經資料庫依市場特色及發展,如傳統製造、新興科技、金融、工商服務等產業全產業之研究分析報告、產業財務指標及圖表彙編等。

   (三) ERICEBSCOhost): 美國教育部蒐集迄今有關教育資訊的資料庫。Publication Type可選擇「Report(All)」來查詢。

   (四) EconLit 經濟學文獻資料庫EBSCOhost〉: 收錄多種國際知名經濟學期刊及各類書籍和論文。Publication Type可選擇「Working Paper」來查詢。

   (五) BSP(Business Source Premier)EBSCOhost: 內容有國家經濟報告、企業報告、世界著名企業之解析資源等。 Document Type可選擇Case Study來查詢。Publication Type可選擇Industry ProfileCountry Report查詢。

   (六) ABI/INFORM COMPLETE: 內容為企管、商學方面。以「Advanced」檢索時,Document Type欄位可選擇annual reportbusiness case來查詢。


    (一) GRB政府研究資訊系統包含政府的研究計畫研究報告


     1. 點選「計畫中文名稱」後,找到下載連結,所有「全文電子檔」即可免費以pdf格式下載。   

     2. 若無任何全文電子檔連結,可能是以下原因: 該報告屬「限閱」或「機密」,不公開全文檔;或正在執行階段,故尚無成果報告;或已結案,但計畫主管機關尚未繳交。 

     3. 其他管道:直接洽詢該計畫之主管機關圖書室取得紙本,「限閱」資料亦同;但「機密」資料不開放全文借閱。若計畫主管機關屬行政院國家科委會,請直接洽詢該計畫主持人。 

   「預訂全文電子檔服務」說明: 針對今年與上一年度之研究計畫,當計畫報告書尚未被繳交時,使用者可使用預訂全文電子檔服務,屆時將自動以Email寄送給已申請預訂的使用者。

   (二) NTIS(National Technical Information Service)為美國國家技術資訊局所建置,蒐集美國政府補助的科技、工程及商學等相關領域的學術研究報告。   


   (三) 利用Google查詢

   (四) 申請全國文獻傳遞服務 (NDDS)

Finding Research Papers

1. Importance

   Also called technical reports, they document the process and results of research projects. The information provided tend to be more recent and specialized; descriptions of equipment and experiment results are often detailed.

2. How to Find Research Papers

   When searching the library catalogue, use the paper title as a search term. But if the needed material is considered to be grey literature (and thus more difficult to find), we strongly recommend that students use the various databases or international research paper service systems to which the Library is subscribed. This will make retrieving relevant information easier.

3. Using Library Resources

   (1)  NCHU Library WebPAC  

         Use terms such as “research paper”, “technical report”, etc. to run a search in the “book title” or “series title” categories and  quickly find relevant information.

   (2) Taiwan Industry Economics Service: Provides analytical reports and financial indicators according to market characteristics and development, such as traditional manufacturing, emerging technology, finance, business services, etc.

   (3) ERICEBSCOhost:Sponsored by the Institute of Education of the US Department of Education and provides data from 1966 to the present. 

        UnderPublication Type”, you can select “Report(All)” to search.

   (4) EconLit 經濟學文獻資料庫EBSCOhost: Holds 430 kinds of internationally renowned economics journals and more than 500 volumes of books and papers. 

        For thePublication Type”, you can choose “Working Paper” to search.  

   (5) BSP(Business Source Premier)EBSCOhost:Covers topics in the business field; provides materials. 

        ForDocument Type”, you can select “Case Study” to search. For “Publication Type, you can select Industry Profile” or “Country Report” to search.

   (6) ABI/INFORM COMPLETE:Covers a broad array of business information. When using the “Advanced Search”, try choosing “annual report” or “business case” as the “Document Type”.

4. Using Outside Resources

   (1) Government Research Bulletin (GRB)Provides data from Research Projects and Research Reports.

   “Full-text digital file” download information:   

      1. When you’ve finished searching,click「計畫中文名稱」. You’ll find the download link in the upper left-hand corner. All of the “full-text digital files” come as PDF documents and can be downloaded for free.

      2. If there are no full-text links, it may be because of the following reasons: the document is “restricted” or “confidential”, and not authorized for public use; the project is still a work-in-progress so there are no results reported; the project is finished but the project sponsors have not yet paid.

      3. Other methodsDirectly contact the sponsors of the project to obtain a print copy of the research information. You can also directly request a copy of “Restricted” material, but only partial access will be granted for “Confidential” material. If the sponsor agency for a project is the National Science and Technology Council of the Executive Yuan, please directly contact the program director.

    “Reserving Full-text Digital Files Service” Information With regards to reports from the current year and the previous year, if the reports have not been paid for by sponserts, users can reserve a copy of the full-text digital file. And when the sponsors have paid, the system will upload the report and automatically email the document to those who have applied for a reservation.

   (2) NTIS(National Technical Information Service)Created for the US National Technical Information Service, it collects research reports on technology, engineering, and business studies that are subsidized by the US government.

   Tips to Get Full-TextThis system only provides abstracts, not full-text, but if the bibliographic information you find includes the following abbreviations, you can use the respective websites and relevant databases to find full-text versions of reports: 

   (3) Use Google:You might be able to find some full-text materials on Google!

   (4) Creating a National Document Delivery System (NDDS) AccountIf you have difficulty in finding needed information, you can try requesting lending or copying services through the Document Delivery System.