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如何找資源Libguides: 會議論文 Proceedings

找會議論文 Find Proceedings

會議資料中常出現的詞彙有:CongressConferenceCourseLectureLecture SeriesMeeting等。





        (一)  電子全文:由資料庫或電子期刊中查找。

       (二)  本館館藏:論文集名稱為書刊名,查詢本館是否有典藏。

       (三)  科技政策中心:STICNET資料庫之收錄論文,可透過文獻傳遞服務系統NDDS申請複印;圖書 / 期刊則以論文集名稱為書名,利用聯合目錄查詢國內圖書館是否典藏,透過文獻傳遞服務系統申請借閱或複印。

       (四)  國外文獻傳遞:如國內無任何圖書館典藏,需透過文獻傳遞服務系統Rapid ILL申請國外論文複印。

       (五)  利用Google查詢:Google該會議主辦單位相關資訊,也許會有意外收獲!


        (一)  學術會議論文摘要資料庫STICNET: 收錄1991年來國內舉辦之學術會議所發表之論文索引摘要。

      (二)  PapersFirst1993年~):供世界各地會議發表論文之索引,含大英圖書館文獻供應中心 (BLDSC) 所蒐集會議論文報告之單篇論文索引。涵蓋理工、醫、農、人文等主題。

      (三)  ProceedingsFirst1993年~〉:收錄各學科會議、研討會等會議論文集之索引,含大英圖書館文獻供應中心 (BLDSC) 所蒐集之會議論文集之索引。涵蓋理工、醫、農、人文等主題。

      (四)  更多查找工具:可參考「會議論文-國內」、「會議論文-國外」。

Finding Proceedings

Events covered by proceedings include: Congress, Conferences, Course, Lectures, Lecture Series, Meetings, etc.

1. Characteristics of Proceedings

Conference ProceedingsIncludes the conference name (or topic), conference location, times and dates of sessions.

Conference JournalsSpecific journal title, has issues which are regularly published, usually has volume number, installment, and publishing dates

2. How to Find and Obtain Original Proceedings

         (1)  Online Full-textSome databases provide full-text and downloading access.

       (2)  Library CollectionsSearch the library collection using the title of proceedings.

       (3) Science and Technology Policy CenterIf using databases (such as STICNET) which index academic papers, you can apply for copying services by the Science and Technology Policy Center through a document delivery system. If searching book and journal union catalogues, you could also apply for lending or copying services through the document delivery service.

       (4)  International Document DeliveryIf domestic libraries do not have needed theses in their collections, you must request copies through an international document delivery system.

       (5)  Google searchSearch for information about conference organizers on Google; you just might stumble across the documents you need!

3. Obtaining Off-Campus Conference Proceedings

        (1)  學術會議論文摘要資料庫STICNET: Indexes abstracts from domestic academic conferences dating back to 1991.

      (2)  PapersFirst1993Present:Index to papers presented at conferences, symposia, meetings, workshops & congresses in arts, humanities, social sciences, physical & life sciences. Based on materials held at the British Library Document Supply Center.

      (3)  ProceedingsFirst1993年~Present:Searchable database of worldwide conference proceedings with citations of every congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop and meeting received at The British Library. Covers science and engineering, medicine, agriculture, humanities, etc.     

      (4)  Other Search Toolsyou can consult the 「會議論文-國內」、「會議論文-國外」sites.