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獸醫學系學科指引 Veterinary Medicine: WOS文章推薦

Highly Cited Paper In WOS


1. Salmon lice - impact on wild salmonids and salmon aquaculture
作者:Torrissen, O.; Jones, S.; Asche, F.; Guttormsen, A.; Skilbrei, O. T.; Nilsen, F.; Horsberg, T. E.; Jackson, D.

2. Ecology of Zoonotic Infectious Diseases in Bats: Current Knowledge and Future Directions
作者:Hayman, D. T. S.; Bowen, R. A.; Cryan, P. M.; McCracken, G. F.; O'Shea, T. J.; Peel, A. J.; Gilbert, A.; Webb, C. T.; Wood, J. L. N.

3. Prospects from agroecology and industrial ecology for animal production in the 21st century
作者:Dumont, B.; Fortun-Lamothe, L.; Jouven, M.; Thomas, M.; Tichit, M.

4. Gastrointestinal health and function in weaned pigs: a review of feeding strategies to control post-weaning diarrhoea without using in-feed antimicrobial compounds
者:Heo, J. M.; Opapeju, F. O.; Pluske, J. R.; Kim, J. C.; Hampson, D. J.; Nyachoti, C. M.

5. Recent advances in understanding the biology, epidemiology and control of chlamydial infections in koalas
作者:Polkinghorne, Adam; Hanger, Jon; Timms, Peter

6. Aquaculture and stress management: a review of probiotic intervention
作者:Mohapatra, S.; Chakraborty, T.; Kumar, V.; DeBoeck, G.; Mohanta, K. N.

7. Recent developments in altering the fatty acid composition of ruminant-derived foods
作者:Shingfield, K. J.; Bonnet, M.; Scollan, N. D.

8. Bovine Dehorning Assessing Pain and Providing Analgesic Management
作者:Stock, Matthew L.; Baldridge, Sarah L.; Griffin, Dee; Coetzee, Johann F.

9. Rumen microbial (meta) genomics and its application to ruminant production
作者:Morgavi, D. P.; Kelly, W. J.; Janssen, P. H.; Attwood, G. T.

10. Diet effects on urine composition of cattle and N2O emissions
作者:Dijkstra, J.; Oenema, O.; van Groenigen, J. W.; Spek, J. W.; van Vuuren, A. M.; Bannink, A.

11. Antiviral Immune Responses of Bats: A Review
作者:Baker, M. L.; Schountz, T.; Wang, L. -F.

12. Nutrition, immune function and health of dairy cattle
作者:Ingvartsen, K. L.; Moyes, K.

13. The welfare implications of large litter size in the domestic pig I: biological factors
作者:Rutherford, K. M. D.; Baxter, E. M.; D'Eath, R. B.; Turner, S. P.; Arnott, G.; Roehe, R.; Ask, B.; Sandoe, P.; Moustsen, V. A.; Thorup, F.; Edwards, S. A.; Berg, P.; Lawrence, A. B.

14. The roles of livestock in developing countries
作者:Herrero, M.; Grace, D.; Njuki, J.; Johnson, N.; Enahoro, D.; Silvestri, S.; Rufino, M. C.

15. Dietary fatty acids and cardiovascular disease
作者:Salter, A. M.

16. The mucosal immune system of fish: The evolution of tolerating commensals while fighting pathogens
作者:Gomez, Daniela; Sunyer, J. Oriol; Salinas, Irene

17. Teleost T and NK cell immunity
作者:Fischer, Uwe; Koppang, Erling Olaf; Nakanishi, Teruyuki

18. Electrolyte Depletion in White-nose Syndrome Bats
作者:Cryan, Paul M.; Meteyer, Carol Uphoff; Blehert, David S.; Lorch, Jeffrey M.; Reeder, DeeAnn M.; Turner, Gregory G.; Webb, Julie; Behr, Melissa; Verant, Michelle; Russe, Robin E.; Castle, Kevin T.

19. A review of the global prevalence, molecular epidemiology and economics of cystic echinococcosis in production animals
作者:Cardona, Guillermo A.; Carmena, David

20. Emergence of Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in the United States: clinical signs, lesions, and viral genomic sequences
作者:Stevenson, Gregory W.; Hoang, Hai; Schwartz, Kent J.; Burrough, Eric R.; Sun, Dong; Madson, Darin; Cooper, Vickie L.; Pillatzki, Angela; Gauger, Philip; Schmitt, Beverly J.; Koster, Leo G.; Killian, Mary L.; Yoon, Kyoungjin J.